The Galleries at Krasdale Foods -Bronx is the site for the exhibition The Bronx Artist Documentary Project—BxADP.

The power of art inspires aesthetic pleasure and social significance in both the artist and the community of viewers. And so we see our endless search for answers about the way we live.

In 2012 I helped found the Bronx Arts Alliance to enhance the public face of art for the borough by creating the ability for artists to act cooperatively and achieve accomplishments that in earlier times were not possible. Artists in the Bronx have been a growing presence in the borough. Composed of arts leaders representing 20 Bronx anchor organizations, BAA provides vital programming, services and special events. I am very pleased with the opportunity the Alliance presents to enhance the capabilities of the cultural resources in the Bronx so that individual efforts of it members can result in a newly found joint strength.

With this flourishing of artists and their studios, Daniel Hauben, an artistic pioneer in the borough, initiated the idea of an exhibition showing the diversity of the Bronx by portraying artists at work. Thirty photographers criss-crossed the borough to document 80 visual artists creating work in the Bronx today.

The Galleries at Krasdale Foods acknowledge the importance of this phenomenon and are enthusiastically celebrating the state of accomplishment as portrayed both in the work of the individual artists presented and in the joint effort of the Bronx Arts Alliance.

It is a magnificent, inspiring exhibit. Come see it! Below, a few of the many inspiring Bronx artists.

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