Hundreds of artists call the Bronx home—classical painters, documentary filmmakers, graffiti artists, installation artists, sculptors, and photographers—and Yes plans to celebrate their works, their vitality, and their contributions to the community.

Two such initiatives are the Yes the Bronx inaugural film festival, held September 19-21, 2014 (click here for details) and a short film produced by Yes about the Bronx Artist Documentary Project, a public exhibition documenting creativity at work in the Bronx, on display at The Galleries at Krasdale Foods, the Bronx location, through March 31, 2015 (click here for details).

The Bronx Artist Documentary Project showcases the work of 30 Bronx-based photographers who have documented 80 visual artists at work in their Bronx studios. The Project is curated by the Bronx Documentary Center (Michael Kamber, Director), and is directed and coordinated by Daniel Hauben and Judith Lane.

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